Reasons to use bread mix products

Reasons to use bread mix products

Lifestyle shifts are challenging in most of the time, but once you made up your mind and successfully adjusted the daily routine, you have every right to consider it a promising start. Especially if your kitchen skills are improving on a gradient. We all have the temptations running into cakes, pizza and sandwiches on special occasions, holidays, birthdays. Everybody is well informed these days to know that those kinds of food are the enemy of your sugar- or gluten-free, Atkins or low carb diets. But you can bake your own bread or pizza at home and take it to the party, so that you don’t feel left out of the fun. Don’t forget that these products are not like ordinary bakes made of white flour!

KetoChef LowCarb Mix

It is easy to acquire a healthy, keto bread which is low carb and gluten-free with our LowCarb Mix. You don’t have to do anything else but add water, apple cider vinegar, oil, and 1 egg. Apply some olive oil on your hands, thus kneed the dough, leave it to rest for a while, then shape it, cover with kitchen foil and place it in the preheated oven. Remove the foil when almost done to give your bread or buns some crisps and a golden brown color. One pack of this mix is sufficient for either one loaf or about 8 or 9 buns of almond, sesame, and pumpkin seed flours. These ingredients are great for our skin, blood sugar levels and the whole body: catalyzing detoxication and blood formation (being rich in iron) strengthening the bones, optimizing blood sugar levels (by slowing digestion down).

And what can you bake from the bread mix? It is utterly up to you. You can make little crispy crackers or even a pizza! Stretch the dough with a rolling pin or oily hands till thin, place it in a lined baking tray and sprinkle the crackers either with some cheese or (flax or sesame) seeds and cover them with aluminium foil before baking them. Remove the foil when almost ready to give it a golden brown color. If you are making pizza the next step is dressing, of course with sauce and seasoning to taste.

Serve the crackers with some pesto, salsa, veggie cream or hummus thus introducing your guests to healthy delicacies.

KetoChef BMix 3.9

It is very easy to handle this bread mix by adding water only, kneading with oily hands, leaving to rest, shaping, covering with foil, then placing the tray into a preheated oven. Remove the foil a little before it is fully baked and leave it in the oven till golden brown.

This product is suitable for crackers, pizza or even wrap bread for yourself or to surprise your guests.

One pack of bread mix is sufficient for two loaves or 10-12 buns. It takes only a few minutes to prepare and you are going to have a healthy bake, suitable for gluten-, sugar-, soya-free, keto and low carb diets.

But what is this bread mix capable of? The ground almond will beautify your skin, optimize your blood sugar levels, and – because it is rich in iron – enhance blood formation. Coconut flour is rich in fibre but low in carb and gluten-free. While consuming it you will get a pleasant, well-fed feeling without eating too much, thus the product contributes to forwarding the goal of achieving optimal body weight.

This bread mix will not let you down even if you have never baked before. Only add lukewarm water and apple cider vinegar, prep, and bake. One pack is sufficient for 5 or 6 buns which is probably enough for over a week if you are on a special diet. Should you just have decided to embark upon a

new food regime you can start – as a first step – substituting ordinary bakery products with these. It is easier to get used to the new tastes if taken step by step. The more experience you acquire with them the more resolute you may become regarding the new lifestyle.

You can even dream up elegant and stylish sandwiches for special occasions! There are endless variations of hams, veggies, spreads, and others toppings one might add, limited only by imagination.

The base ingredient is psyllium husk, which is rich in fibre, thus giving you a pleasant, well-fed feeling lasting longer, compared with ordinary white bread, also optimizing the digestion process. Don’t forget to drink enough so that psyllium husk could exert all its positive effects.

In the case of expecting mothers or children under 2 we suggest to choose a different bread mix product as their digestion is relatively slower, thus sometimes can’t tolerate psyllium husk, sufficiently. Apart from the fibre, this mix is rich in Vitamins E, B, Folic Acids and proteins, thanks to the coconut and almond flour.

And never forget: holding onto your new food regime strictly, might be occasionally challenging not for you only, but to others in your household, as well! With these bread mix products you can make the lifestyle shift easier for them too, so when looking back to these times later they are going to think: “It was a piece of cake, really!” 😉 Keep going, you will get there!


Our products are suitable for keto, carbohydrate-reduced, gluten-free, Atkins and sugar-free diets. Besides are a good choice for all who prefer to eat delicious meals but are in scarcity of time for cooking and baking.


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