CarbDown – Ultra Low Carb Bread mix


This ground almond based bread mix is ideal for keto, gluten-free and low-carb diets, and it’s easy to prepare as you don’t need anything but water and apple cider vinegar. It is so simple just can’t go wrong! Try it!

  • Low carb bread mix (3.8g ch / 100g)
  • Ground almond-based Low Carb flour mix.
  • Sugar-, Gluten-, GMO-, Yeast-, Soya-Free and suitable for Vegan or any Low Carb diet.

Ingredients: Golden flaxseed flour, almond flour, defatted almond flour, psyllium seed husks, coconut flour, baking soda, sea salt

Allergens: Almond, Flaxseed

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Nutrition Information (per 100g)
Carbohydrate: 3,8 g
> of which sugars: 3,2 g
Energy: 126,6 kcal/531,5 kJ
Fat: 5,1 g
> of which saturated: 1,1 g
Protein: 11,8 g
Fiber: 13,1 g
Salt: 1,0 g
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New Generation of Low-Carb Bread mixes with Great Taste for The Whole Family – with Grounded Almond, Psyllium Husk and Coconut Flour.

The best diets are those that you can follow continuously.

Be it any diet, whether keto, sugar, or gluten-free, switching is difficult and if we are not familiar with the new ingredients, it can lead to many waivers. And introducing a new diet is not easy if you have to suddenly get rid of the usual food and flavours. Nowadays, there are countless products to help you switch and you don’t even have to become an expert overnight!

These are used to make gluten-free bread

You can bake bread or rolls from the KetoChef Carb Down reduced bread mix even if you haven’t even turned on the oven before, as you only need to add lukewarm water and a little apple cider vinegar to the mixture and you can easily get two loaves or 5 – 6 buns.

The plantain seed shell (psyllium husk) in the bread mix can help to control hunger and it has high fiber content. It is important that you drink enough fluids with it to be able to work properly. For pregnant women and children under the age of two, however, choose a different product because their slowed digestion may not tolerate plantain seedlings properly.

It also contains coconut flour, which is gluten-free, has outstanding protein values and fat content, and is high in flour substitutes (with 34 grams of fiber in 100 grams of coconut flour).

The third ingredient is almond meal, which is rich in vitamins E and B, folic acid, riboflavin, protein, dietary fiber.

Adhering to a new diet is hard, but the small steps come together over time into a complete lifestyle change, so experiment boldly, simply and without giving up with the KetoChef Carb Down bread mix! Start gradually and change your old eating habits wisely.

  • Ground almond-based Low Carb flour mix.
  • Sugar-, Gluten-, GMO-, Yeast-, Soya-Free and suitable for Vegan or any Low Carb diet.

Additional information

Weight250 g

Recipe for 1 bread or 5-6 rolls:

125g bread mix, 170 ml water, Apple cider vinegar

Cooking instructions:

Weigh 125 g of the flour mixture into a bowl. Add 170 ml of lukewarm water and 20 g of apple cider vinegar. It is important to use warm water. Knead for a few minutes, form loaf out of it and let it rest covered. After 10 minutes, place it on a baking sheet covered with baking paper and make deep cuts on top. Bake in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for 50 minutes on a bottom-top baking program. Allow to cool to room temperature before slicing. Enjoy it!

Note: The flour mixture contains psyllium husks, therefore it is important to drink an adequate amount of water along with or after you have eaten the bread.

Allergens: Almond, Flaxseed