BREAD MIX NUTRITION INFORMATION: Energy: 259,2 kcal/1083,4 kJ | Protein: 27,28 g | Carbohydrate: 5,44 g | Fiber: 37,96 g GO TO PRODUCTS ULTRA LOW CARB For everyday meals WITH DEFATTED ALMOND FLOUR FLAXSEED NUTRITION INFORMATION: Energy: 321 kcal/1342 kJ | Protein: 33,18 g | Carbohydrate: 4,64 g | Fat: 18,88 g GO TO PRODUCTS EXTRA COLD PRESSED For everyday meals POWDER AND FAT REDUCED KETORTILLA NUTRITION INFORMATION: Energy: 362,1 kcal/1503,5 kJ | Protein: 26,4 g | Carbohydrate: 6,4 g | Fat: 19 g GO TO PRODUCTS LOW-CARB For everyday meals TORTILLA BASE MIX

Keto Ready Products

All products fit the keto diet and other low carb diets.

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All our products are made of high quality raw materials.

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Start to introduce Low Carb and Keto Ready foods into your diet, today!

Take it step by step! Utilizing the benefits of our products, you can easily bake bread, rolls and even a wide variety of dishes without sacrifice. This will make you feel better and better every day.

Our products are suitable for keto, carbohydrate-reduced, gluten-free, Atkins and sugar-free diets. Besides are a good choice for all who prefer to eat delicious meals but are in scarcity of time for cooking and baking. Our bread mixes are easy to prep and bake, but don't expect the usual white flour experience, at all!


Why choose our products?


Because they are tasty and gluten-free. The manufacturer meets all the EU standards and the factory is producing exclusively gluten-free products. You can buy our products on Amazon, Ebay and from our own webshop. Order some today and once you tried any of our products, please give us a feedback, an opinion about it, that is the only way to forward progress.



Our products are 100% natural without any artificial flavouring, colours or additives.



We are extremely proud to use only premium quality ingredients from the best sources.



If we have to use sweeteners in any product, we only use natural sweeteners such as Stevia or Erithrit. We never use Asptartame or Sucralose.




Our products and their ingredients are from no-GMO sources, we take this very seriously.



Our products are suitable for any low carb diet, gluten free diet and for Vegans and Vegetarians.



We develop our products to be healthy with no compromise on the taste and texture.

Why KetoChef?

Because since 2018 we have been constantly developing our products, focusing on for high quality and excellent taste. With that purpose in mind we would like to provide you with carbohydrate-reduced (carbo content below 6%), gluten-free products of premium quality ingredients.

Due to the carefully choosen ingredients the final bakes will be typically long-life premium produce in a slightly higer price category. We never compromise on quality but try and reduce costs in other ways, with success. If you collected the premium flours for the products yourself most probably you could acquire them on a sustainably higher price, compared.

But should you wish to give it a try and succeed please let us know. 🙂

Brand New Product

KETORTILLA - Low-Carb Tortilla Base mix

Ketortilla is an easy-to-make, delicious Tortilla base mix and with bits of help to save time in the kitchen. Mixing up a batch is easy and fun, with just 2 ingredients you can have 6 delicious tortillas ready to go. It’s gluten-free too so it's perfect for those who are allergic or sensitive to wheat. Each serving contains less than 3g net carbs which makes this product perfect for anyone following a keto lifestyle.

If you want something special, delicious and especially low in carbs, you’ve found it.


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kenyer-amazon-250g-01Ultra Low Carb Bread Mix
Pumpkin and almond based ultra low carb bread mix - Easy to make - LowCarb (5,44g/100g)
250g | Available in Amazon
flaxseed-powder-ketoFlaxseed Powder
Extra Cold Pressed & Fat Reduced Flaxseed Powder - LowCarb (4,64g/100g)
400g | Available in Amazon
mandula-amazon-01Defatted Almond Flour
100% Cold Pressed, Defatted Almond Flour, No additives - LowCarb (7,2g/100g)
400g | Available in Amazon
PumpkinSeed Protein powderPumpkin Seed Powder
Cold Pressed Defatted Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder - LowCarb (4,31g/100g)
400g | Available in Amazon
sesame-powder-amazonSesame Powder
Cold Pressed & Fat Reduced Sesame Powder - LowCarb (4,29g/100g)
400g | Available in Amazon
carbdown-amazon-01CarbDown - Ultra Low Carb Bread mix
with Grounded Almond, psyllium Husk and Coconut Flour - LowCarb (3,8g/100g)
250g | Available in Amazon